Thursday, December 31, 2009


As a person born in Guntur, I am for a united Andhra Pradesh. I think regions speaking non hindi language in India should stay united. I also believe that the number of MP seats in a state gives a lot of bargaining power with the Center to implement developmental projects in the state. However these are my opinions only and I think the wishes of the the people of Telangana region should be respected.

Regarding KCR and TRS, my opinion is that there is a new trend in Indian politics. Small parties like MNS, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, PMK, TRS can never come to power on its own because the political space in their respective states are full with strong ruling and opposition parties. So, they try to divide people with parochial ideologies based on caste, religion or region hoping to make themselves relevant in politics in their respective states or try to create new states so that they can have a shot at capturing the power. I believe TRS is of the later catagory. This guy KCR was a union minister in UPA 1 and when asked what he did for developing telangana region, we get a dumb response that he was fighting for seperate telangana(This response was from KCR's son in Barkha Dutt's "We the People").

People of Telangana if they wish for a seperate state should ponder this point before they decide: They should think if their leaders who did not work for their development all these years in power can be trusted to bring development to Telangana region. They should think if creating a new state will ensure development or create one more CM post and a group of ministers. Development of a region depends on the leaders from that region and not on others. I highly doubt the capabilities of these leaders.

One should not get mislead by the so called bandhs and agitations that are going on in Telangana or Andhra regions. Any political leader with enough money power can "organize" such agitations with goondaas for money. I strongly believe Bandhs do not reflect the wishes of the people as they can be forced to observe bandh by politically backed hooligans. The Union Government should not capitulate for such blackmail from Telangana or Andhra regions. I strongly believe the below solution is the ideal one for the Telangana imbroglio.

A referendum should be held in the Telangana region giving them a choice to go with United Andhra, Seperate Telangana or Union Territory status at each district level. We can also record each person's first choice and second choice. We can also explore the possibility of creating an autonomous regional council for the Telangana region with the Central Government directly allocating funds for the region and this choice can also be included in the referendum. By referedum we can know for sure the wishes of the people of Telangana with out any doubt. I do not think the people of Andhra should be included in the referendum because, we can not impose their will/wish on the people of telangana. If a husband and wife do not get along well and the wife seeks a divorce, even if the husband does not agree, a divorce should be granted if the wife wishes so. So I am all for having a referendum in Telangana and it will solve the problem once in for all and help in bringing the situation to normal in the region which is adversely affecting businesses there.