Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big Bang Experiment

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A lot of my friends are talking about the "Big Bang Experiment" taking place in France/Switzerland. We have been hearing about this very large particle accelerator in which they are going to split the protons. I thought I will share with you guys what I know about this subject.

Sub Atomic Particles

As we all know elements in this universe are made up of atoms. Atoms consist of protons and neutrons forming a nucleus and electrons revolving around them like miniature solar systems. The protons and neutrons in a nucleus are bound by very strong nuclear forces and are virtually indivisible. If you indeed manage to divide the nucleus, you have a nuclear reaction releasing huge amount of energy (A nuclear explosion). Now can the protons be further divided? The answer is yes. If you further divide the protons, you get a sub atomic particle called quark.

Big Bang

According to the Big Bang theory, the universe started with a big bang of intergalactic particles (a very huge nuclear explosion). With in few seconds or minutes of this big bang, the universe existed in the form of a nebulous plasma consisting of the basic building blocks of atoms and elements which form the universe. This was called the quark glue-on plasma. After this initial few seconds or minutes, the particles of the universe began to crystallize into protons, neutrons, atoms and finally the elements which form the universe as we know of today.

The Experiment

The experiment that is happening in France is to find out the environment that existed with in the few seconds of the Big Bang. They are trying to collide two beams of protons at the speed of light so that the protons can be split and for a few milliseconds recreate the scenario just after the Big Bang and from that get a better understanding of the origin of universe.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My First Blog Post

Hi friends,

As you all know I love to discuss various world affairs?? with you all the time.  Honestly I do not know what kept me away from blogosphere for this long.  Such a natural blogger like me should have started blogging way back you may say..  Actually what instigated me in creating a blog was an other blog from my friend Suganya Jawahar.  Anyways, like they say.. better late than never.  

I will be posting on what's happening with me, my interests, politics in India and the US and other stuffs related to me.  Like a true software professional, you will find a lot of 'cut and paste' in my postings.  Please bear with me on that. 

 Whatever I have posted here or commented here would be my opinion on any subject. All my friends are invited to my blog.. You guys can also keep your comments posted so that we can have our ideas shared over here.   Hope that with all your support this will be a success.